Solutions for financial processes: Your situation is the starting point

You don't get pre-packaged shelfware from us, but rather what is effective for you and brings about improvements. The result is solutions that are the right next step in process automation for you and that enable you to achieve your goals in the best possible way.

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Automate processes that defy rules

avvaneo Expedite
- Artificial intelligence (AI)

Our machine learning algorithms first analyze the highest possible volumes of existing bookings, workflows, or other transactions. This results in a model that can predict missing assignments or other unresolved process steps with a high degree of certainty. This artificial intelligence is the key to being able to automate even those processes that could not previously be automated and had to be done manually.

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How well working your financial processes?

avvaneo Discover
- KPI Analytics

The dashboard shows at a glance where there are traffic jams and where everything is running smoothly. If you want to see details, get to the relevant data with one click. avvaneo Discover shows what is really happening in the processes right now. The application does this by continuously analyzing the current process data. For you, a daily "quick win" of valuable information for process optimization.

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Improving efficiency gains is always a good idea

SAP Consulting
and Support

We are well versed over many years in increasing productivity and reducing costs even for processes that have already been digitized. This is achieved through the use of automation to accelerate the workflow. This is the core of our experience and technical expertise. In this way, small, medium-sized, and large companies receive everything they need to identify hidden efficiency potential and to leverage them through the automation of financial processes.

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