Develop and implement Fiori Apps

Up to 80% shorter time to the perfect app

Fiori is a design platform for apps that makes SAP processes accessible as user-friendly mobile apps. Improving the usability of an app is not a trivial issue. Perfect user guidance of mobile apps ...

  • facilitates conversions,
  • speeds up manual routines,
  • reduces error rates,
  • increases reaction speeds,
  • speeds up processes when external employees are involved.

avvaneo has been a specialist for Fiori apps since 2018. We provide you with consulting, design, development, and implementation of Fiori solutions that optimize your existing SAP investment. In addition, we achieve up to 80% shorter development times compared to apps that do not use Fiori.

Which processes are ideal to optimize with Fiori?

In the first step, we analyze your accounts payable or procurement processes to recommend Fiori-based solutions. The initial focus is on usability improvements for invoice and purchase order approval processes.

It then makes sense to identify other processes that can benefit from a Fiori app. Here, these 4 areas come to mind:

Isn't it always nice to understand the next steps?

We are available for an initial conversation. Suggest a time and let's get talking.