Accounts Payable Automation
We are the experts since 2003.

Our expertise draws on years of experience in consulting and in developing the original ReadSoft solutions now sold and marketed by Kofax. The basis of our team consists of former ReadSoft employees in the areas of consulting, support, development and executive management. This is why at avvaneo you will always talk with an expert who understands your past, present and future needs.

Kofax / ReadSoft is the leading provider of solutions for the automation and optimization of processes in SAP.

With the Kofax / ReadSoft PROCESS DIRECTOR platform integrated in SAP, companies can optimize their purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. The Kofax / ReadSoft solution automatically processes:

  • Incoming Invoices
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Goods Receipts / Delivery Notes
  • Order Confirmations
  • Sales Orders
  • Remittances
  • Master data for Vendors, Cost Centers, etc.

Companies not only benefit from more efficient processes, but also from a high degree of transparency using the integrated workflow solution WorkCycle. The review and approval process is handled by an electronic workflow, in which employees without SAP access can also be included.

Thanks to our extensive technological know-how and the years of experience we have gained in implementing a highly-varied range of projects for small, medium and large enterprises, we are able to offer, design and build tailor made solutions. By implementing new strategies and processes, we assist you in making the optimum use of your organization's existing potential and increasing productivity while reducing costs at the same time. Furthermore, we support you in rationalizing and optimizing the flow of information in your company.

In the Kofax / ReadSoft range of solutions, we can support you in the following areas:

Implementing new solutions.
Our expert team is the competent partner at the side of your organization providing support in evaluating the current status and identifying opportunities for process improvements, cost savings, and productivity gains. From the insights gained in this process, we jointly develop high-quality, consistent solutions with you that are optimally tailored to your respective business requirements. Other services we provide in this area are simple and complex trainings and rollout support.

Expansion of solution to new countries or new processes

We have taken single country implementations and expanded the solution to multiple countries with complex handling, rules and regulations.  One of our customers expanded from one country to over 30 countries under the leadership of avvaneo.  We help your organization with our international offices and our global knowledge of SAP process automation.

Other customers also want to use the award winning PROCESS DIRECTOR solution from Kofax/ReadSoft for additional business processes listed above such as sales orders, order confirmations and purchase requisitions.  We at avvaneo have the required experience and process knowledge to help you with any and all process types that can be automated. Does your organization want to add other process types but is lacking the knowledge or time to make this happen?

Maintenance, care, and further development of your existing solution.
We are still there for our customers even after the rollout of a solution. Regular system support and maintenance, update and optimization services, system adjustments, and customer care service are all part of our range of services.
Over time, new requirements in the field of Kofax / ReadSoft solutions arise for most companies. Examples are changes in the organizational structure or in the area of electronic document processing to name a few.

Internal support for your organization

Internal support of your solution is key to your short and long term success.  Your internal resources are the backbone that keeps your system and more importantly the users focused on the important tasks in front of them.  Internal support and resources are the communication device between your end users and the Kofax/ReadSoft support team internationally.  As your organization changes and your personnel changes it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a professional internal support organization for your solution.  We at avvaneo have the resources and the experience to be this front line support between your end users and the Kofax/ReadSoft team.  Today avvaneo is performing this internal support for international customers and can perform this for your organization with a level of professionalism and experience that is almost impossible to accomplish on your own.  Please reach out to us to let us help!