AI for financial processes: We have your next automation step covered

We implement exactly the right next-level automation for your financial processes. The foundation: 30 years of financial experience. The plus: Integration of artificial intelligence since 2019. Next Step: You connect with us, we make your processes faster and more efficient.


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avvaneo Expedite

The AI solution that can streamline your accounting department from one day to the next

avvaneo Expedite is a flexible AI building block for financial processes that can be quickly customized without a lengthy development project. The pre-trained deep learning tool analyzes postings, workflows, and transactions and increases your level of automation immediately after go-live.

  • Forecast processing times to optimize cash discounts, meet payment deadlines, or manage payment flow.
  • Detect anomalies to eliminate errors, facilitate auditing operations, or detect fraud

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avvaneo Discover

Understand clearly what is working well and what is not

avvaneo Discover is process analytics on a new level. On the dashboard, you see everything you want to know displayed in a flash. Where bottlenecks and hidden costs lurk. How current processes are running. The bottom line is your daily "quick win" of valuable information for rapid improvements.

  • Analyse everything: Define and track your KPIs and gain accurate insights into all stages of processing.
  • Optimize everything: The system automatically provides suggestions for quick improvements or recommends areas that should be reviewed.

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avvaneo Consulting & Support

Consulting for tangible results

Our consulting is both technological and operational. With your ROI always in focus, you will receive competent process consulting for every phase of the automation of your financial processes which really understands your goals. Above all, the effectively measurable benefit for your company.

  • Consulting: Always with an individual company focus. Always with all our expertise from 30 years of experience with SAP applications.
  • IT support: Through our own automation experts, who know your dedicated systems and requirements inside out and can always help quickly.


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