Solutions / avvaneo Expedite

Our Artificial Intelligence is your ultimate asset

avvaneo Expedite is AI for your financial processes without the need to start a huge development project. The tool is already developed, trained, in use. After simple customization, it can also automatically solve allocation problems or generate process recommendations in your company.



50 to 70 %

Automation rates

+50 Mio.

Processed documents

Solutions / avvaneo Expedite

Further reducing manual effort is the key

avvaneo Expedite is based on our machine learning development. The pre-trained model can predict missing assignments or other unresolved process steps with a high degree of certainty. The model can be specified with your own data to adapt it to your company's own circumstances.

  • Reduce manual effort: You can also automate process steps that previously needed to be handled manually.
  • Relieve everyday stress: You will free up your entire accounting department from countless manual corrections, increase automatic monitoring and can spend your time working on real financial optimization.


Solutions / avvaneo Expedite

Get started right after implementation - without lengthy training

Our artificial intelligence integrates seamlessly into your system. Rather than a completely new solution, your existing workflows and user interfaces remain unchanged. Your teams benefit immediately. The queue becomes shorter, and team satisfaction increases.

  • Increase system performance: You optimize your existing system, training is unnecessary. A brief explanation - and off you go.
  • "Thanks, boss!": employees experience avvaneo Expedite as a definite workplace improvement.


Achieve more with avvaneo Expedite

Determine and verify account assignment of documents

Send correct workflows for review and approval

Forecast processing times to optimize discounts and meet payment deadlines

Determine suspected duplicates to prevent double payments

Detect anomalies to prevent errors, manage and improve audit operations, or detect fraud

Assign items found on invoice and purchase orders

Determine tax codes, partner bank types, state central bank indicators, etc.

Continuous increase in efficiency thanks to machine learning

The fastest way to greater efficiency

Go Live in 14 days

Demo presentation

Creation of a Proposal

Implementation of the solution

Go Live

Analysis of the current

Proof of Concept and

Testing and solution optimization

Continuous optimizations and

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