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Your processes have never been so precisely monitored

avvaneo Discover delivers process analytics in real time. With just one click the dashboard reveals all the details you want to see. Your ROI: Eliminate undetected bottlenecks faster than ever before.



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Solutions / avvaneo Discover

Detect immediately,
optimize quickly

avvaneo Discover continuously monitors the systems and tracks all relevant properties for each process. You receive in-depthinsights, for example into costly routing errors, and you can quickly pinpoint the causes using the filters. This paves the way for rapid optimization.

  • Seamless monitoring: The flexibly adjustable dashboard allows you to monitor the speed and quality of changes with granular accuracy
  • Filter and identify: You can query trends by time periods, volumes or other parameters and quickly eliminate efficiency gaps.


Lösungen / avvaneo Discover

What Controlling takes days to do, you do yourself in seconds

avvaneo Discover is like a business consultant that meticulously scans your processes for unnecessary costs. The convenient dashboard presents you with a wide variety of analyses in a transparent manner. You can filter out trends in the overall volume, call up details and always get exact figures and comparisons.

  • Targeted query: How many workflows had the wrong recipient? How much time was lost on average? Which supplier’s invoices got stuck most often? And more.
  • Ensure productivity: The performance of automation solutions can vary to a great degree - avvaneo Discover helps you maintain and even increase your level of automation.


The dashboard with many options

Evaluation and improvement of processing efficiency

Gain qualitative forecasts from the data obtained and thus increase the efficiency of your processes.

Understanding and optimizing automation levels

Determine the impact of individual optimization steps on your throughput times and overall processes.

Identify trends in processing volume and time

Understand how your processes, document numbers and processing times change over time.

A complete picture of your supplier relationship

Review how you work with your suppliers. How much time do you spend on invoice processing or how much discount is lost?

Measuring and evaluating the impact of process changes

Evaluate how optimizations affect processing times, manual effort or the degree of automation in your company.

System-side suggestions for process optimization

Analyze specific proposals for adjusting tolerance limits or approval processes to achieve sustainable cost savings.

Visualization of all data and processes for clear presentation

Get a detailed overview of all important key figures in real time. All views can be adjusted and changed as needed.

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