You want to follow the SAP dream of Fiori applications?
You don’t have the resources or the knowledge to make it happen cost effectively?

SAP customers today are focusing on the user experience. Everybody likes to use consumer apps and enterprise apps can be as much fun with Fiori.
IT teams are being challenged to use the Fiori application development environment to improve the SAP experience.

We at avvaneo can help both IT teams and the business units realize the SAP dream of using Fiori apps to increase the usefulness and experience of SAP applications. Shortening your development and implementation time is key to our services. An overall cut of deployment time by up to 80 percent is possible with our unique services and products.

As we have done with some of our present customers we will start with your Accounts Payable or Procurement process and provide Fiori apps to improve the approval of invoices or purchase orders. Once your users experience this improvement first hand, we can look at other processes together with you.

Some processes that customers may want to consider are:

  • Payment Approval
  • Journal Entry approvals
  • Purchase Requisition approvals
  • Vendor or Customer Master maintenance

As we at avvaneo are the experts in bringing progress into your process it is our pleasure to work with you to take on new process automation projects.