Competence and proximity to the customer

If financial processes must run better

avvaneo is focused on Financial Process Automation (FPA) for the optimization of enterprise-wide financial processes including the use of AI for financial process analytics. With that, we build our business on two strengths:

  • Depth of expertise that has grown over more than two decades
  • Proximity to our customers and a passion for generating real value for them.

avvaneo was founded in Frankfurt/Main in 2014 and today has additional locations in Wroclaw and New Orleans. Having started as developers at SAP, the founders have been experts in the history of SAP Finance since the early 1990s, to which they have also contributed themselves. For example, they created the Invoice Cockpit Suite - the most widely used application for automating accounts payable in SAP.

Together with their team of first-class specialists, they provide insightful and detailed knowledge around the core topic of digital financial processes.

On this basis, avvaneo provides you with custom development and automation for your existing financial process applications in the three areas:

  • Innovative software development and enhancements
  • Consulting and services
  • Support

Getting in touch with us will always lead to at least one interesting conversation. But often also to providing optimizations that cut costs, reduce errors, or make process flows much more transparent.

The 3 points you should know about us

1. Customer focus is what we practice every day

Customer focus is often just a customer retention strategy. We see it as a crucial part of our services. Whatever we do for you is done with a systematic focus on your needs, your situation, and your goals.

2. We only work with what we are the best in

Our core competence is the automation of financial processes. To offer you only the best solutions, we do not deal with things where we would be at most second best. However, where automation of financial processes is concerned, we offer our customers a portfolio with everything that is important today. This includes, for example, integration of AI-based process analytics or Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

3. Excellent service

Our service and support go beyond the norm for companies of our size and sets us apart from similar providers. Our support model "avvaneo customer success" is designed to relieve the burden on your IT resources and to quickly handle questions, disruptions, or support tickets. In addition, in 2021 we started the "avvaneo user group", which allows our users to connect directly to each other to exchange experiences about solutions, additional development, and open requests.

Isn't it always nice to understand the next steps?

We are available for an initial conversation. Suggest a time and let's get talking.