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Clients from more than 30 countries

At avvaneo, you will find deep expertise in financial process automation that spans over 20 years of experience with a wealth of different challenges. Our clients come from more than 30 countries as well as a wide range of industries and most have international payment relationships.


Burda Digital Systems GmbH

Burda Digital Systems is the IT service provider of the media group Hubert Burda Media. 240 employees in Munich, Offenburg, Hamburg and Berlin are responsible for IT workstation equipment including support. The company also advises, develops, operates and maintains applications in private or hybrid clouds. Among other things, we supported Burda Digital Systems in automating its accounts payable processes.


  • Provided services to automate accounts payable
  • Improved automation within the EDI processing of incoming invoices
  • Performed a system upgrade



Clariant from Switzerland is a leading specialty chemicals company with 18,000 employees and companies on all continents. Sales in 2020 were just under CHF 4 billion. There are 4 business units: Care Chemicals, Natural Resources, Catalysis and Plastics & Coatings. Since 2010, we have supported Clariant in more than 30 countries with the implementation of a new accounts payable solution.


Since 2010, avvaneo has successfully helped Clariant deliver projects to enhance, extend, and roll-out financial process automation.
  • Rolled out the automation solution for accounts payable in more than 30 countries
  • Process design for three shared service centers, including template creation
  • Adjusted accounts payable solution to be S/4HANA compatible
  • Combined diverse components to reduce the number of SAP applications
  • Integrated e-invoicing (Ariba)
  • Implemented SAP New General Ledger



The Dachser Group SE & Co. KG, based in Kempten (Allgäu), is a global logistics provider with around 400 locations, more than 30,000 employees, and net revenue of almost EUR 6 billion. Dachser is known for its highly advanced digital logistics solutions. We helped the company to significantly simplify the release of invoices.


DACHSER has been a client since 2013. During this time, avvaneo has:

  • Provided services to automate accounts payable and purchase requisition
  • Implemented Purchase Requisition process
  • Integrated external logistics systems and implemented known applications to simplify approvals of incoming invoices and ease change management


Edgewell Personal Care

Edgewell Personal Care is a US corporate umbrella that unites a whole range of international well-known brands such as Wilkinson Sword. For this client, we customized, configured and implemented a financial process automation solution across 4 continents in 12 countries.


With a diversified portfolio of established brand names such as Wilkinson Sword®, Hawaiian Tropic®, Playtex®, and Wet Ones®, and operations in more than 50 markets worldwide, Edgewell required an agile solution, fully compliant with country-specific mandated tax codes and applicable laws, that improved transparency and reduced costs.

avvaneo's international team of industry experts customized, configured, and have successfully implemented the tailored financial process automation (FPA) solution in Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and the Czech Republic.

“The successful completion of a project of this scale — from industry expertise and analysis to project management, implementation, and support — underscores avvaneo’s expertise and commitment to success,” said Jennifer Wetzel, Sr IT Manager - Financial Applications of Edgewell. “This engagement was a pivotal step and we are very pleased to have partnered with avvaneo to complete it on-time and under-budget.”


  • Stabilize: Audit, streamline, and enhance the current system to bring it in line with Edgewell’s requirements.
  • Strategize: Define requirements for aggressive growth and create plan to achieve “Automation 2.0.”
  • Operate: Engage a qualified, capable partner to execute against demanding growth timeline on plan.


  • Edgewell’s inherited system has been brought in-line with current operating requirements.
  • Obsolete functionality has been disabled, generic processes streamlined, and new functionality added to drive further process improvement.
  • “Automation 2.0” has been initiated and is ongoing according to schedule.
  • Multiple rollouts have been successfully delivered.
  • A trusted project team has been established and is operating as an extension of Edgewell’s internal SAP experts.


Edgewell’s inherited systems has been transformed and the vision of “Automation 2.0” is now a realistic undertaking that has successfully begun.

Munich Airport

Flughafen München GmbH, a public company, operates one of the 10 busiest aviation hubs in Europe. As a full-service operator, Munich Airport offers services in all areas of airport management with 14 individual companies. avvaneo supported Munich Airport in simplifying and automating processes, which included the general ledger process.


avvaneo has helped Munich Airport to enhance and automate their finance processes

  • Provided services to automate accounts payable and journal entries
  • Integrated Fiori application
  • Designed configuration for new Journal Entries process
  • Integrated e-Invoicing



Hatch, based in Canada, is a global management, engineering and development consultancy in the 3 sectors of resource extraction, energy and infrastructure. The company has a global presence with more than 9,000 employees in over 150 countries around the world. For Hatch, we have implemented a whole range of important improvements in the financial processes, above all significantly higher cost transparency for the many individual projects.


  • Remove bottlenecks caused by inbound invoices that involve multiple business areas, requiring approval from multiple people in different departments who are often unavailable or out of the office
  • Eliminate unnecessary re-work caused by serialized processing
  • Aggregate and improve visibility and reporting of project expenses so managers can determine total costs of projects
  • Reduce workload through improved visibility of processing data during the payment process.


  • Modification of the approval workflow to parallelize the review and approval of individual invoice items
  • Integration of Concur expense management data, ensuring SAP reports shows a consolidated view of expenses alongside other project costs
  • Provided access to key information from the invoice approval step to users during the payment approval process


Hatch has removed unnecessary delays from inbound invoice processing, reducing the time it takes for process invoices, therefore enabling Hatch to re-charge costs much sooner as well as providing greater flexibility of when to make payment. Managers have a complete view of costs and key information they need for improved project management and ongoing cost control.



Hilti AG is a Liechtenstein-based tool manufacturer with approximately 15,000 employees in over 120 countries and over CHF 5 billion in sales. Its products are valued worldwide by professional tradesmen and the construction industry because of their top technical quality. In addition, the company also offers software and services. We helped Hilti automate its accounts payable process.


avvaneo has helped Hilti to extend and upgrade their Financial Process Automation platform:

  • Provided services to automate accounts payable
  • Adjusted Accounts Payable solution to be S/4HANA compatible
  • Performed a system upgrade



Qiagen, headquartered in the Netherlands, belongs to the biotech industry with a focus on molecular diagnostics. The company reported nearly $2 billion in revenue in 2020 and has approximately ½ million medical and scientific customers in more than 25 countries. At Qiagen, the goal was to accurately document existing applications and configurations to facilitate future customizations in each country.


  • Document the current system configuration and all changes since implementation
  • Implement current change requests within the existing system
  • Establish best practices for future changes and country rollouts


  • Dokumentation der aktuellen Systemkonfiguration und aller Änderungen seit der Implementierung
  • Implementierung aktueller Änderungsanforderungen innerhalb des bestehenden Systems
  • Etablierung von Best-Practices für zukünftige Anpassungen und Rollouts


  • Reconciliation and documentation of all system configurations and changes to date
  • Efficiency gains from changes requests implemented within the existing system including parallel workflows for multiple cost center approvals, reduction in time needed to approve invoices, and the auto-coding of non-PO invoices based on defined criteria
  • Pre-approved designs and best practices eliminate unexpected scenarios during implementation
  • Successful additional rollouts to Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Mexico (including support for the CFDI e-invoice standard)

Business Impact:

QIAGEN’s system has been fully documented and updated, including QIAGEN’s own best practices and standards. The stabilized and documented system made it possible to roll-out the solution to more countries in a shorter than expected timeframe, without affecting normal business processes, whilst ensuring future enhancements and requirements are supported and compliant.


Südzucker AG

Südzucker AG (Mannheim), with its sugar, special products, and fruit segments, is a major food industry company and, with CropEnergies, the leading producer of bioethanol in the EU. Annual sales are in the region of 7 billion euros. For Südzucker, we carried out a comprehensive update of accounts payable and other applications, significantly increasing operational efficiency.


  • Engage a trusted partner to maximize efficiency of current solution
  • Upgrade all components of current system to latest versions, including:
    • Accounts payable automation
    • Vendor and GL account master data management
    • Sales order processing
    • FI – internal recharge handling
  • Resolve technical issues left outstanding by previous delivery partner
  • Implement system changes highlighted by the team including an integration to automatically validate tax registration details against the government portal


  • avvaneo successfully upgraded all components, managing the entire planning, implementation, and stabilization process to ensure the upgrade took place with minimal impact to users
  • avvaneo held a workshop to review all outstanding issues and change requests with the Sudzucker team, established priorities, created a plan, and executed against it
  • Sudzucker has a trusted project team in place to implement ongoing system enhancements and provide ongoing strategic advice that impacts efficiency and outcome of business processes


Sudzucker successfully transitioned their system, which was in danger of becoming obsolete thereby losing mainstream support, and whose performance had been hampered by the team's inability to implement new fixes and change requests, to an entirely updated and stable system optimized to achieve more significant benefits for the organization.


Thales SA (Paris) is a defense and technology group organized into defense, security, transport and aerospace divisions. Thales employs more than 80,000 people in 68 countries, and its annual revenue in 2020 was €17 billion. For Thales, we made the entire purchase-to-pay (P2P) processes more transparent and significantly increased the ability to controll offers, prices and services.


Thales had identified the following key targets for process improvement beyond the standard SAP functionality they had already implemented:

  • Improved/simplified user experience for requisitioners and purchasing team members working inside SAP
  • Flexible workflow to control the approval process
  • A simple web-based interface for connecting approvers within the system


Optimization of the P2P process has resulted in the following benefits:

  • Better basis for price and conditions negotiations
  • Reduced costs for purchasing, logistics, and accounting
  • Improved incoming invoice processing
  • Improved reporting ability
  • Optimized supplier selection


Die Optimierung des P2P-Prozesses hat zu folgenden Vorteilen geführt:

  • Bessere Basis für Preis- und Konditionsverhandlungen
  • Reduzierte Kosten für Einkauf, Logistik und Buchhaltung
  • Verbesserte Eingangsrechnungsbearbeitung
  • Verbesserte Berichtsfunktionalität
  • Optimierte Lieferantenauswahl


Thales has taken control of its purchasing process. Improved visibility has empowered the team to identify opportunities for supplier consolidation, compare and renegotiate prices and payment terms, and evaluate ongoing supplier performance. Thales has also seen improvements in their accounts payable processes — more inbound invoices are aligned with data from the associated PO, which has resulted in less need for manual user intervention..


and many more ...

avvaneo has designed, implemented, supported and enhanced financial process automation solutions for more than 150 clients in over 30 countries. Some further highlights include:

For the world's largest sports car manufacturer

  • Services around accounts payable, journal entries, asset accounting and payment approval automation
  • Adjustment of the accounts payable solution to be S/4HANA compatible
  • Fiori App for approval and exception handling
  • Design configuration for new process types, including journal entries, asset accounting and payment approval
  • Implementation of these new process types in the systems
  • Increased automation within EDI processing of incoming invoices

For a multinational travel and tourism company

  • Services around Order to Cash (O2C) process automation
  • Sales order automation design and implementation
  • Automatic creation of outgoing bills / invoices Implementation
  • Customer master data maintenance including approval workflow
  • Extensive compliance checks for all O2C processes

For an international supermarket chain (one of the 40 largest retailers in the world)

  • Services around accounts payable and delivery note automation
  • Rollout to 22 SAP systems
  • Development of a solution to keep the configuration of all systems synchronized
  • Adjustment of the solution to be S/4HANA compatible

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of batteries

  • Implemented avvaneo Discover
  • Improved automation for tax coding and item determination/proposal

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