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We provide our own solutions, but we are also a point of contact for you with other providers of technologies and solutions. These long-standing partnerships come from the across the field of financial process automation. Partners complement our expertise and services. For you, our anchoring in the industry has two main advantages:

  • We simplify your effort, in which we, as your contact, can often pull together and coordinate the expertise of various providers.
  • Through our partners, we know the interrelationships and thus can quickly see the opportunities for improving your solution.
AFI Solutions

AFI optimizes paperless, digital document processes around SAP and for service companies for document capture and processing. We have a partnership with AFI to provide you with one-stop financial process automation solutions.

Blumatix Intelligence
BLU DELTA AI makes financial document capture simple. Instant. High quality.
State-of-the-art AI technologies such as Deep Learning, NLP and Transformer architectures, together with the BLU DELTA Shared Intelligence concept, enable a new quality of invoice and document capture.
The BLU DELTA AI is a product of Blumatix Intelligence GmbH. The vision is the machine-automated document exchange between companies worldwide.

Medius is a leading global provider of accounts payable automation solutions. Through our collaboration with Medius, we can provide you with a cloud-based accounts payable automation application - including optional add-on modules for contract and purchasing management.


The Neptune Software development platform shortens development times, helps to optimize digital processes and user interfaces, and greatly facilitates the harmonization of system landscapes. This partnership pays off for you promptly through the visible reduction in time and costs associated with the development and maintenance of applications.


Serrala develops solutions for incoming/outgoing payments and the associated processes. Companies optimize their payment transactions, increase their security, and improve their overview of all cash positions. The cooperation with Serrala broadens our services in automation solutions for financial processes.


TCG is a technology leader for input management and business process automation. TCG provides solutions for on-premises and cloud operations using artificial intelligence and self-learning robots based on its DocProStar platform.

TCG offers easy-to-integrate standard solutions to process incoming invoices, purchase orders, order confirmations, and delivery notes for enterprises in the healthcare sector, public administration, or industry and commerce. International insurance companies and banks use TCG digital mailroom solutions to automate complex input management processes.

TCG Process GmbH is part of the international TCG Group located in Germany and Switzerland as well as Australia, Brazil, Chile, Japan, Canada, Poland, Portugal and the USA.


The collaboration with Microsoft allows us to link Microsoft's business analytics solution Power BI with avvaneo Discover. We use Power BI primarily to provide an easy-to-understand dashboard to clearly present the wealth of information provided by avvaneo Discover, so you can get immediate value from the data.


We are a certified SAP partner and support process automation within your SAP environment. To do this, we bring together our expertise in financial process consulting with the best applications and add-on modules for SAP. In addition, we integrate Fiori to increase the effectiveness and performance of SAP applications.

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