FPA using e-Invoicing

Automation is built on digitization - make sure you get a digital start

Don’t hesitate to automate

e-Invoicing seamlessly integrates with other business solutions and offers buyers, suppliers, and other managers ways to save money, increase efficiency, generate revenue, and other strategic benefits.


Combining e-Invoicing with a trade network can expand the benefits even further, enabling such benefits as:

Improved Superior Onboarding

Increase supplier participation with effective campaigns, a dedicated onboarding team is assigned by the network, the network provides access to attractive options for the supplier such as Dynamic Discounting and Supply Chain Finance.

Straight Through Processing

Automate early payment discounting management programs, from initial offer to agreement and transaction.

Full Visibility

Monitor performance of your early payment programs to find ways to improve cash flow forecasting.

Faster Invoicing

Accelerate payments through e-Invoicing and Financial Process Automation to make the most of your early payment programs.

Real-Time Collaboration

Drive transparency at every stage of the supply chain with real-time communication and chat.

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