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ASFiNAG cooperates with avvaneo

We are looking forward to working with the SAP Competence Center and the accounting department of ASFiNAG, the Austrian freeway operator.

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Company workshop 2022

Last week we went to Berlin with the entire team of avvaneo to our annual workshop.

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AI solves assignment problems faster than humans - Part 2

Too many invoices do not find their way into the correct workflow automatically? You are not alone with this issue. In many companies with automatic invoice processing, up to 15% of incoming invoices are routed incorrectly. Sometimes the mistake is made by the system, sometimes by a person.

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AI solves assignment problems faster than humans - Part 1

You have been driving the automation of your financial processes for years. And then you realize: there are still annoying losses due to inefficiency. For example, invoices that should process automatically but still get stuck in manual workflow loops for 2 to 5 days.

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AI for more speed: Intelligent account assignment of incoming invoices

Invoice receipt in SAP - today this essentially runs automatically in large companies. Usually smoothly and quickly, as long as the relevant information for automatic account assignment is within the invoice data received.

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New: avvaneo Discover shows concrete optimization potential

avvaneo Discover can now do even more: Until now, you only had the analysis - now you have concrete indications of exactly where improvements are possible and what changes bring. Read more ...

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