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avvaneo helps ensure transparency and accountability for leading biotech company, QIAGEN, by instituting improved financial processes

avvaneo, innovators of leading-edge financial applications and approaches, today announced it has successfully updated and improved financial processes for Venlo, Netherlands-based QIAGEN, ensuring continued transparency, accountability, and good corporate governance — issues of tantamount importance —  as the company manages international expansion.

One of the world’s leading biotech companies, QIAGEN, which employs around 5,000 employees in more than 25 countries, must manage incoming invoices from across the European Union, United States, Canada, Mexico, and Asia Pacific. The finance team implemented financial process automation (FPA) tools several years ago.

avvaneo’s FPA experts fully reconciled and updated all system configurations and changes to date, netting significant efficiency gains from change requests implemented within the existing system. Further, Ongoing operations were ensured at all times, even if extensive changes had to be made, as well as best standards and practices to ensure future modifications and requirements are supported and compliant for successful rollouts to Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and within Mexico.


QIAGEN N.V., a Netherlands-based holding company, is the leading global provider of Sample to Insight solutions that enable customers to gain valuable molecular insights from samples containing the building blocks of life. Our sample technologies isolate and process DNA, RNA and proteins from blood, tissue and other materials. Assay technologies make these biomolecules visible and ready for analysis. Bioinformatics software and knowledge bases interpret data to report relevant, actionable insights. Automation solutions tie these together in seamless and cost-effective workflows. QIAGEN provides solutions to more than 500,000 customers around the world in Molecular Diagnostics (human healthcare) and Life Sciences (academia, pharma R&D and industrial applications, primarily forensics). As of December 31, 2019, QIAGEN employed approximately

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