Blumatix & avvaneo: Together we make you more efficient

It can be a long road from fully automated digitization of invoice documents to end-to-end automatic posting. Where do the problems lie?

One factor frequently causes processing errors: the variety of invoice layouts prevents automated processing and thus hinders the entire purchase-to-pay process. Yet it is precisely this hurdle that we can minimize successfully together with our partner Blumatix – thanks to a solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) that recognizes the recurring patterns even with the most diverse layouts.

Three suppliers, three different invoice layouts. The same information can always be found somewhere on the documents, but...

  • in various positions,
  • with different formatting,
  • sometimes with inconsistent quality,
  • with different labels (descriptions do not always mean the same thing).

This is not a trivial problem, because incoming invoices can contain 30 or more distinct categories of information. Mismatches in rule-based automations are therefore unavoidable and can trigger an increased workload.

Started early, come a long way

Luckily, there are Data Science and Machine Learning experts in Austria who have dedicated themselves to this problem for more than 6 years.  

Blumatix Intelligence GmbH started in 2010, in a joint project with Porsche Informatik with the goal of making the purchase-to-pay process much more efficient, the BLU DELTA service has been online since 2016. It is complicated to automatically capturing semi-structured or unstructured data with configured rules. It often ends in rework with manual effort. This is a frequent problem for a variety of business documents in purchase-to-pay.  

Today, BLU DELTA processes more than 20 million documents per year and increases the efficiency of document processing at over a thousand companies in the DACH region. For example, in the automatic transfer of incoming invoice data to a wide variety of ERP systems. The provides a solution to the problem of the variety of invoice formats which is constantly improving. 

Machine Learning can do just that - learn instead of just execute.

How does Blumatix approach the task? They do it in a completely new way. Instead of programmed rules and predefined templates, Machine Learning automatically extracts the recurring features from hundreds of thousands of examples. The software recognizes the patterns everywhere in the chaotic data. The advantage: If an invoice comes in that a rule-based approach cannot completely understand, the AI solution will handle the new variant and can correctly extract the typical data patterns there as well – often far more accurately than even the best-maintained classic solutions.  

The biggest strength is automatic learning: AI solutions become more powerful as the body of data grows.  

If you implement Blumatix's solution today, you will already be benefiting from training data that has been built up over years. From day one BLU DELTA will produce excellent results for you, too. And that is just the beginning.  

  • When installed locally, the solution learns over time when it makes mistakes. The corrections made then immediately become valuable new training data. The improved models are then fed back into the local installation. 
  • With the cloud solution, the system learns even faster by using "shared intelligence." All participants share in the learning progress of all others. The more that anonymized invoice data is processed centrally, the more reliable the models become.

BLU DELTA captures invoice data and generates structured data in the process

Marketed by Blumatix under the name "BLU DELTA", this is an OCR invoice capture solution where all the information found on the invoice is directly transformed into structured data by BLU DELTA's Artificial Intelligence. Think of it as being able to drag your cursor over an invoice image, and for each piece of data or number, the solution tells you what it means.  

The result is the dream for anyone who wants to increase the level of automation. The information to be processed is available in structured, machine-readable form. The entire process can run completely automatically, and all invoices are posted correctly. 

Why avvaneo is so happy to cooperate with Blumatix

Blumatix Intelligence GmbH and avvaneo are implementation partners because they want the same thing for their customers: Raising the efficiency of automated invoice postings to even higher levels. BLU DELTA is an ideal building block for this. The most important advantages are: 

  • BLU DELTA is a Ready2Use AI: no training, immediate results.
  • More than 35 invoice attributes are automatically captured correctly
  • Special invoice features are no problem
  • Quality of data extraction is constantly improving
  • Flexible integration via API
  • Intelligent master data matching
  • International invoices are immediately captured correctly
  • The system is continuously developing in the background and free of charge for the customers

The recognition rate is already over 95% on average, even for completely new invoice formats. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you significantly improve your invoice automation with BLU DELTA. 


You can find BLU DELTA and Blumatix Intelligence GmbH on the web here. 

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