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From Financial Process Automation to Blockchain,
avvaneo + Strategic Partners = Solutions that Work

At avvaneo, we are on a mission to create added value for customers through innovation and the delivery of leading-edge financial applications and approaches.

Today’s Financial Process Automation (FPA) ecosystem is a complex world full of unique problems that require specialized knowledge and tools to deliver complete solutions.

In other words, FPA is not “one size fits all.”, but there are best practices that should be followed regardless of the chosen application(s), as such, our team of experts works closely with you to chart a course based on your Financial Process requirement, application preferences, existing technology and systems, deployment and integration requirements, IT strategy and our understanding of how to ensure that best-practices are followed to get you where you want to be - as quickly and effectively as possible.

We extend and augment our own experience, expertise, tools, and services by partnering with leading technology vendors, each of whom is strategically chosen for the additional tools they bring to our client solutions. In doing so, we can deliver impartial, comprehensive, and efficient FPA solutions to our clients, no matter where in the FPA world they are or aspire to be.

For some finance teams, their whole world is their ERP. To achieve real-time visibility, and hence success, they must automate their existing processes directly inside their ERP. For other clients, their world is expanding — they’re acquiring companies and need a cloud-based platform that will allow them to integrate and standardize quickly and painlessly.

Beyond traditional automation tools, we have an eye on the future, and we are working closely with partners who are leaders in innovative technologies. Whether you’re trying to make sense of how to use blockchain in the real world of FPA, or robotic process automation for financial processes, we’re on top of it.

To learn more about our complete list of partners, and on how we work together best, or how we can help create a robust and tailored solution for your organization, please click here.

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