avvaneo Supports Artificial Intelligence Frankfurt Rhein-Main

The Frankfurt Rhein-Main Region of Germany, which is already recognized as a hub for fintech and cybersecurity, is fast becoming a hub for Artificial Intelligence (AI), mainly thanks to the "AI Frankfurt" Initiative (AIF).

Formed to bolster the Frankfurt Rhein-Main region's role as an AI epicenter, AIF brings together 70 research institutions, government, universities, and technology companies regarded as AI experts, including avvaneo.

In December, avvaneo attended the inaugural meeting of AIF, where members of the association discussed plans for the sharing of information and knowledge to ensure the region has access to the best talent and resources to hasten AI developments that will benefit citizens most.

More specifically, AIF intends to build a thriving ecosystem for AI within the Rhine-Main region, including:

  • Building an AI content library that enables transparency and knowledge transfer across the region
  • “Marketplace” for AI in the region
  • Establishment of a network of domain leaders for relevant areas of application of AI
  • Collaboration between regional economy and science in applied AI
  • Cooperation with cities and municipalities with the aim of increasing AI benefits for citizens

We will continue to post updates about our participation in this exciting venture.

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