avvaneo Discover - Analytics for FPA

Do you know exactly how well your finance processes and systems are performing?

Having deployed a financial process automation solution you are already on the right track to ensuring your processes are as efficient as possible, but are you able to measure that success and most importantly identify the opportunities for further improvement?

avvaneo Discover takes the guesswork out of process improvement, placing valuable information at your fingertips to pinpoint where processes can be optimized.

Furthermore, avvaneo Discover enables you to monitor current workload, identify processing trends across any given period, and define and measure KPIs for critical elements of processing.

What is avvaneo Discover?

avvaneo Discover is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool optimized for financial process automation, providing:

  • A series of dashboards for reviewing current and historical data
  • Accurate visibility of key areas that require improvement


Valuable insights that drive:

  • Processing efficiency improvement
  • Improved Vendor performance
  • Better financial processes

Using avvaneo Discover you can...

Identify opportunities for performance improvement
Improve automation performance
Identify and remove common exceptions

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