avvaneo Discover: The analytics dashboard for financial processes

Where do you see how well your financial processes and systems are actually working?

Financial process automation solutions make many operations more efficient. But are you able to measure and control the quality of your automation day by day? This is important to be able to identify, evaluate and exploit opportunities for further improvements.

avvaneo Discover takes the guesswork out of your process and often allows you to directly intervene to improve efficiency. The dashboard shows at a glance where there are traffic jams and where everything is running smoothly. If you want to see details, get to the relevant data with one click. avvaneo Discover shows what is really happening in the processes right now. The application does this by continuously analyzing the current process data. For you, a daily "quick win" of valuable information for process optimization.

In addition, with avvaneo Discover:

  • monitor the current workload,
  • Identify processing trends for specific time periods,
  • Define and track key performance indicators (KPI) for critical elements of processing

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