avvaneo Expedite - AI for financial processes

Automate processes that defy rules

avvaneo Expedite is artificial intelligence (AI) for financial processes. The application can generate relevant process recommendations or allocations from your existing data and implement them automatically.

AI solutions need structured data, which is typically present in digital financial processes by default. Your path to using AI is now remarkably short thanks to avvaneo Expedite. Our machine learning algorithms first analyze the highest possible volumes of existing bookings, workflows, or other transactions. This results in a model that can predict missing assignments or other unresolved process steps with a high degree of certainty. This artificial intelligence is the key to being able to automate even those processes that could not previously be automated and had to be done manually.

The reason: Until now, automation was only programmable based on defined sets of rules. Slow, labor-intensive, and complex-opaque processes, which could not be defined by rules or could not be defined economically, were not supported by this. avvaneo Expedite now offers you the opportunity to expand your automation without having to start impossible development projects. With our AI, you can automate just about any process.

Some examples of what is easy to implement with avvaneo Expedite

  • Account assignment
    Automatic assignment of cost objects to documents based on previous process analyses
  • Workflow control
    Automatically assign or suggest correct workflow recipients for approvals and analyze issues.
  • Fraud prevention
    Detecting discrepancies during the process that could indicate potential fraud. For example, documents in the approval process that do not match the predicted model.
  • Analysis and forecasting of costs
    Use of historical data to identify costs, accounting for seasonal fluctuations. Facilitation for planning, as future expenses can be estimated in advance

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